Can You Pass This Internet Test?

July 5, 2019

More often than not, the most random things end up going viral online and leave people pulling their hair out over absolutely nothing – no we are not going to ask if you see a blue or gold dress!

One particular campaign caught our attention in recent months. The #Stand4Strength test initiated by the Abbott Family challenges you to take the 'stand-up test' to check if you are at risk of not being able to walk in your 70's & beyond.

Are You Strong Enough? Take the Test!

Take the stand-up test now to see if you are at risk. This simple test was created to help healthy adults check if in the future they are at risk of not being able to walk, and to help adults, especially aged 40-60, take the necessary precautions.

Adapted from: https://stand4strength.vintedge.com/


  • Find a chair (that is 40cm from the ground) and sit down.
  • Bend your knees slightly.
  • Cross your arms and place them in front of your chest.
  • Stand up from a seated position on one leg.
  • Maintain that position for 3 seconds.


  • Be careful not to injure yourself.
  • Do the test under supervision of a family or friend that can support you.
  • Do not lean back to gain momentum or you may fall backwards.
  • Stop the challenge immediately if your knees start to hurt.
  • Do not try the test if you had a recent fall or injury.

How Does It Work? 

Our muscles gradually get weaker as we get older, thus making it more difficult for us to undertake daily activities from buying groceries to playing sports. In fact, research has shown that adults aged 40 and above could begin to lose up to 8% of muscle mass every decade!

Loss of muscle mass can lead to a vicious cycle of increased inactivity which leads to more muscle loss. This could expose older people to an increased risk of falls, loss of independence and even premature death.

In Singapore, about 1/3 of older people aged 60 and above has fallen more than once.

What’s Next?

While declining muscle mass is a natural process of ageing, it should not be seen as a normal part of ageing.

Let’s start off by asking yourself 2 questions:

  1. Are you strong “enough”?
  2. Do you have confidence in activities of daily living?

Not all is lost if you had difficulty performing the test. Lifestyle and nutritional changes for instance, can help to improve muscle and overall health.

Working with a physiotherapist on your strength, balance, and motor skills can also help you to increase confidence and remain independent.

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