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Please be informed that Camden Medical Centre is within the "Annexed Security Zone" during the visit of President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un next week.

As a result, there will be high security in and around the building. You may also be stopped and searched by the police, especially if you have any bags.

Please allow extra travel time to arrive for your appointment and be patient with us if we are running behind time - we will try to accommodate you as much and as soon as possible.

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Welcome Mira!

The PhysioActive team extends a very warm welcome to Mira who officially joins us as a specialised Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapist.

Mira, originally from Germany, graduated from the Physiotherapy School Bergstrasse in 2009. After attaining her Diploma in Physiotherapy, she furthered her education and completed courses in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Dr. Vodder) and Craniomandibular Dysfunction (CMD).

Mira is also a certified Pilates Instructor (Bodymotion), Group Fitness Instructor, and a member of the German Physiotherapy Association (Deutscher Verband für Physiotherapie (ZVK) e.V.). Prior to joining PhysioActive, she has worked for different multi-disciplinary Physiotherapy clinics in Germany.

Mira’s responsibilities at PhysioActive include Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), Sports Training, Massage Therapy and also Pilates sessions.

In her spare time, she enjoys doing Hot Vinyasa Yoga, Dragon Boating and supporting her two sons at their rugby tournaments over the weekends.

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Tel: 6235 2647


Welcome Padraig!

The PhysioActive team extends a very warm welcome to Padraig who officially joins us at the Camden clinic.

Padraig graduated with an Honours degree from the University College Dublin (Ireland) and worked in Ireland since graduation. He is a member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists and also holds full registration with Singapore’s AHPC.

Prior to joining PhysioActive, Padraig worked in a private clinic based in Dublin city and also in a large private hospital in the west of Ireland. He has a background in treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries through both manual therapy and exercise. Padraig is also a certified Dry needling practitioner (Ireland).

In his spare time, Padraig has a keen interest in sport, mainly Gaelic games, soccer and golf.

Visit Padraig at Our Camden Clinic

Address: 1 Orchard Boulevard #11-05 Camden Medical Centre Singapore 248649

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 7 AM - 9PM, Sat: 7AM - 3PM

Phone Number: 6235 2647


Nearest Mrt: Orchard MRT (NS22)

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Camden Medical: Relocation of Shuttle Bus Service

Please be informed that with effect from 5 March 2018, the pick up and drop off point for Camden Medical Centre's complimentary shuttle bus service will be relocated to Newton MRT Station DT11 Exit C bus pick up and drop off point.

Kindly refer to the following schedule for your reference.

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The service on Saturday ends at 13:35.

The Top 5 Health Myths Every Women Should Know

Too many women suffer needlessly in silence from women’s health conditions. Studies show that they tend to avoid bringing the subject up with their doctors.

In actual fact, there are many highly effective treatments for managing women-specific conditions such as DRAM, incontinence, pelvic girdle pain and pre & post-natal issues. The solutions are often simple, ranging from lifestyle changes and medications to physiotherapy.

Let us debunk the most common myths surrounding women’s health this International Women’s Day. We hope this article will help you to understand more about your body and keep the misconceptions away.

Don’t forget to also share this article with your family and friends to initiate these unspoken conversations – it’s time to talk!

Myth: Urinary incontinence is a normal part of childbearing and aging.

Fact: It is common but it is definitely not normal.

While the occurrence of incontinence is common among mothers and seniors, it must not be regarded as “normal”.

In Singapore, more than 15% of women suffer from stress urinary incontinence. Yet few women are talking about it and adapt by altering their lifestyles so as to avoid embarrassment.

Incontinence is a problem that can be successfully addressed and treated. Once you have made that important first step to get a consultation, you will be well on your way to regaining a more active and confident life!

Myth: Kegels are for everyone.

Fact: Kegels can do more harm than good in certain cases.

These pelvic floor exercises have become very popular but you might want to hold off and consult a professional first.

Kegels can make it worse if you already have an undiagnosed pelvic pain or tight pelvic floor muscles. It is like having pulled your bicep and then doing lots of bicep curls! During labour and delivery, your goal is also to relax the pelvic floor muscles and not to tense it up more.

Myth: Pelvic floor issues will not affect me as I had a C-section.

Fact: Your pelvic floor is not spared even if you had a C-section.

Vaginal delivery may be associated with a two-fold increase in your risk of contracting stress urinary incontinence. However, the weight and pressure of your foetus can trigger pelvic floor disorders regardless of the method of delivery.

Hormonal shifts and anatomical changes can affect your pelvic floor health from the start of your pregnancy. This brings us to the next point.

Myth: Pelvic floor physiotherapy is only for postpartum recovery.

Fact: Pelvic floor physiotherapy can be beneficial for you during pregnancy and postpartum.

Not many women know about this but pelvic floor physiotherapy can be extremely beneficial for pain relief and prevention of any complications that may occur after delivery.

In addition, pelvic floor physiotherapy can also help to ease the delivery process. Together with your physiotherapist, you can learn how to best relax your pelvic floor and review the optimal positions for pushing.

Myth: Postpartum sex will be uncomfortable and there is nothing I can do about it.

Fact: It need not be with some tips and tricks.

If sex feels uncomfortable after childbirth, it can be an indication that something else is going on in your body. Active infection, tight pelvic floor muscles, scar tissue and hormone imbalances can be the cause.

Sex should not be painful and if it is, you should consult a women’s health physiotherapist on returning to sex after pregnancy and childbirth.

Don’t suffer in silence – PhysioActive can help

Let our women’s health specialists help you with your problems and fears in a comfortable environment. We provide evidence-based solutions for common problems such as DRAM, incontinence, pelvic girdle pain and pre & post-natal issues.

Also, don’t miss out on our special discount offered in conjunction with the International Women’s Day!

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