Congratulations Denis Mecklenburg!

December 28, 2017

Denis Mecklenburg successfully completed a high-level shoulder orthopaedic course in Australia last month - the Lyn Watson Level 2 Shoulder Course.

Over the past 10 years, approximately 4,000 Physiotherapists in 8 countries have completed this course conducted by shoulder physiotherapy clinician, researcher and course presenter – Lyn Watson.

“Learning from Lyn, a renowned shoulder physiotherapy clinician, researcher and course presenter, was definitely an enriching experience. I had the opportunity to observe her at work, where she assessed, developed primary diagnoses and treatment strategies for new patients with a variety of conditions. There was also an open discussion about her assessment techniques, differential diagnoses, treatment and rehabilitation strategies and progression of rehabilitation. This course is simply world-class!”

- Denis Mecklenburg

Denis brought back invaluable clinical reasoning skills to develop an assessment and treatment strategy for any shoulder patient that presents to our clinic. He is also eager to share what he has learnt with the team so that we can continue to provide the highest standards of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services in Singapore.

At PhysioActive, we are grateful for these opportunities to improve our own learning, and find every chance to pass on the knowledge we gain as benefits to our patients.

Don’t shrug off shoulder pain! Pain in this joint can curb your independence. Catch problems early, build strength, and avoid injury!

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