Remedial Massage

Christine Tan


Over the years, I have been to various massage therapists but once I went to PhysioActive, I did not have to look anywhere else. The massage therapists are very personable and tailors the massages according to your needs. They are the perfect solution to any 9-to-5 office workers who are looking for a relief after sitting for long periods of time!

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a form of therapeutic massage that focuses on injury recovery and alleviating pain. It requires patient participation as you and your massage therapist will work together to identify problem areas and potential causes for your pain. These causes may include posture problems, repetitive motion injuries, old trauma, and diseases.

The PhysioActive Solution

Remedial massage is particularly suited as a therapeutic option for chronic headaches, joint problems including arthritis, and recovery from past injuries.

Your massage therapist will discuss your problems, needs, and goals before the massage. At PhysioActive, we focus on our patients as unique individuals, so this step is very important. Your therapist will also consult with you throughout the process and may ask you to take certain positions or perform simple physical tests to better evaluate your needs. During the massage, your therapist will focus on stretching tight muscles and stimulating blood flow to sore joints. Please communicate with your therapist so that we can ensure your massage is as pleasant and beneficial as possible.

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