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Pilates is a unique method of body conditioning that combines muscle control, breathing, flexibility, strength training and body awareness. Core strengthening with efficient breathing is the foundation of the exercises. A stronger core will help to reduce muscle tension, prevent from injuries and increase the body’s overall performance. One of the greatest benefits of Pilates is that it can be done by almost anyone.

Benefits of Pilates:

  • Prevent back pain and muscle tension
  • Relaxation of the shoulders, neck and upper back
  • Relief from stress
  • Greater awareness of posture
  • Improved stabilisation of the spine
  • Effective strengthening of back and abdominal muscles
  • Enhanced muscular control of the back and limbs
  • Improved physical coordination and balance
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved sports performance
  • Safe rehabilitation of joint and spinal injuries
  • Helps to prevent musculoskeletal injuries

At PhysioActive we believe that it is important to give every individual the maximum personal attention during our Pilates classes. With classes kept small with groups of no more than 6 per class, you will get the individual care and attention from our teachers to guide you throughout the lesson. All exercises can be modified to make the workout safe and challenging for everyone at any level.

Pilates Classes and Rehabilitation

It is proven that Pilates can help with the rehabilitation of injuries by bringing the muscles into a balance. That’s why many health professionals recommend Pilates to aid recovery and as a way of re-educating and re-aligning the body. Doctors have also found this method to be an excellent supplement to standard physiotherapy. It can also be very effective in relieving chronic conditions such as back and neck pain and arthritis. By engaging the mind and body, Pilates is also a known stress reliever. The patient’s physiotherapist will always stay in close contact with the Pilates instructor to make sure the level of exercises is according to the level of rehabilitation.

For a new body awareness and a better well-being!

Read in detail how Pilates works:

A great mind body workout

Pilates help to coordinate your mind and body. You will feel that your body and mind are in tune. It enables proper breathing. It improves concentration. It helps in correct spinal and pelvis alignment. It maximizes your body power and efficiency. Proper breathing is more important to live a stress free life. It becomes possible with Pilates.

Develop a strong core and a strong back

Pilates develops strong core muscles. The core consists of deep abdominal muscles. These abdominal muscles protect your spine. Pilates exercises will improve core strength and you will additionally get flat abdominals.

Learn efficient patterns of motion

Pilates exercises help to train several muscle groups at once. The techniques used in Pilates are safe and efficient. Therefore you can learn efficient patterns of motion easily.

Be confident and safe

Pilates exercises are low impact and gentle. The moves require no stress. You can enjoy the work outs. These exercises are safe and effective. A lot of the exercises are performed in sitting position or on the mat.


Private Pilates Program (45mins)

1 x 45mins - $90
5 x 45mins - $425
10 x 45mins - $800 (includes 1 pilates ball)

Available at Orchard and CBD clinics only.

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