Taping & Strapping

Tan Song Yi


I came to PhysioActive because of slipped disc, which gave me severe back pain for several months. Leah explained my condition to me clearly, and gave me a clear overview of how we were going to deal with the back pain, and how I could help myself reduce the pain. Leah is very understanding and my back pain has reduced greatly ever since I started my Physiotherapy with Leah!

Taping & Strapping

Sport taping

Sport taping is applied to support the affected joint during sport activities and therefore increase the stability of the joint. It prevents excessive movements and reduces pain. This will help you to get back safely to your sport activities.

Taping helps with the following sport injuries:

  • Ankle sprain
  • Knee pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Other painful joint conditions

Basic taping

Tape can be applied to stabilize and rest the joint during daily activities and sport. This will help to reduce the pain while using the affected joint. We also apply tape as a postural reminder, esp. to keep a correct sitting posture.

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