Quick Q&A with Laura O'Byrne: Manual Therapist and Clinical Pilates Instructor at PhysioActive

July 19, 2016


Today we take the opportunity to welcome a new physiotherapist to the team. Laura O'Byrne who was originally  born in South Africa. She completed her schooling and obtained her first degree – Health Science & Physiology – in Ireland before moving to the United Kingdom, where she completed her degree in Physiotherapy and worked within the NHS before moving to Singapore. Laura is a member of the MCSP in the United Kingdom and a fully registered member of the AHPC in Singapore. 

Laura is an experienced manual therapist with a strong interest in postural and spinal dysfunction. She is able to put this into clinical practice through her pilates training and specialist interest of ergonomics in the workplace. Find out more about Laura here... 

How did you come to be in Singapore?

That's quite a funny story… The Ministry of Health was recruiting in the United Kingdom and Ireland. My friends were going for an interview and I went along for the open day. When we arrived, the man who was interviewing them asked if I was a Physiotherapist too. My friend replied that I was. When he asked if I wanted an interview, she said that I did indeed. I was a little horrified when she told me, as I was not prepared for an interview! Anyhow, I completed the paperwork, had the interview and a couple of weeks later I got an email offering me a position. I accepted, thinking it would just be for a year. Four years later, I have no plans to leave! 

Where did you work before PhysioActive?

I was recruited by the Ministry of Health to help them in the set-up and transition process from Alexandra Hospital to the new Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. I was there for three years, after which I worked in a private capacity at a Pilates clinic before joining PhysioActive. In Britian I worked in the National Health Service in a muscolo-skeletal role in Nottingham and in a rotational position in Norfolk, where I gained invaluable orthopaedic experience. 

What is your specialism?

I am very interested in spinal and postural dysfunction, which results in another particular interest of mine, which is ergonomics which can help people achieve an optimum working environment. I also enjoy working with ankle rehabilitation and I find that incorporating Pilates into a functional exercise programme delivers great benefits. 

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Coffee, most definitely coffee! Although I enjoy Singapore’s dynamic night-life, I am quite a morning person – provided the sun is up before me! 

What do you do in your spare time?

Travel where ever and whenever possible! I enjoy reading, going to the cinema, gym, dancing, socialising and, of course, the all-important Singapore pastime: eating! 

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