Shooting with Singaporean Superstar Michelle Chia

December 22, 2015

Michelle Chia is a former MediaCorp actress, Singapore celebrity and TV Host. In May 2012, Chia's contract with MediaCorp expired. She declined to renew it, stating that she wanted to temporarily "take a break" from showbiz. She stopped by PhysioActive on Saturday 30th November!


Everyone was very excited before the video shoot with Michelle - therapists and patients alike!

The film crew and Michelle arrived early morning and after setting up all the equipment we were ready to go. We first started with the treatments of our patients. Since everyone knew exactly what to do from their previous treatments, it all went really smooth. The cameraman only had to remind everyone from time to time to smile a little more. I guess everyone was just nervous that they might do something wrong… 😉

Before lunch break, it was Diana’s turn to shoot with Michelle. Both did an excellent job and after only a few takes the scene was done!


After lunch we finished up the treatment scenes. I must say all patients and therapists did a wonderful job!

Now it was my turn to speak in front of the camera. It is actually quite a multitasking challenge: remembering the lines, not talking too fast, not talking too slow, not talking too loud, not talking too quiet, no mumbling, looking friendly, keeping the exact posture and so on. Surprisingly, it went very smooth, which gave a confidence boost for the next scene with Michelle. But Michelle was so nice and relaxed, it wasn’t that difficult after all. After a few more scenes with Michelle, Diana and me and some shots from the clinic, we were already done, ahead of schedule. I’m sure that never happens in Hollywood.


The whole day went by so fast and we all had a lot of fun. It's amazing how long it takes for a two minute video.

We'd like to extend a big thank you to all of the patients and therapists who did a wonderful job. Also, a big thank you goes out to the very professional crew who helped a lot and who didn’t make us feel like amateurs.

And finally a big, big thank you to Michelle, who was so nice and helpful the whole day. You made us feel as though we'd done this  a million times!


If you want to see us in action with Michelle, please check out our homepage.

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