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Andrew Storan B.Sc. (Hons)

Physiotherapist, Sports Therapist, Manual Therapist, Dry Needling
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About Andrew

Andrew, originally from Ireland, graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy from the University of Limerick. He is a member of the Irish society of Chartered Physiotherapists and also the Singapore Physiotherapy Association. Before joining PhysioActive, Andrew spent his last 2 years working in Singapore’s Changi General hospital, working in both inpatients and outpatients treating a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries and post-operative orthopaedic conditions. Andrew has also trained in dry needling techniques in Perth.

Andrew's special area of interest is in injury prevention and the rehabilitation of runners. He has also worked with rugby players, footballers, boxers and with many badminton enthusiasts in Singapore.

In his spare time Andrew runs and plays football as well as boxing in Vanda boxing club.

We won the coveted award in recognition of:

  • Innovation
  • High quality service
  • State of the art equipment
  • Multidisciplinary team
  • Commitment to further training


Barry Stones

I have been attending PhysioActive whilst in Singapore over the last couple of years following spinal surgery. Andrew at Camden has treated me in a most professional way with his expertise and encouragement throughout. The weekly boost to my confidence in dealing with my recovery has been critical. It is so easy to loose your way without professional assistance such as that offered through PhysioActive. Also, thank you to Sabrina and all the staff for being so pleasant and keeping my appointment schedule organised and the follow up reminders. Thanks so much!

Amanda Bluett

I have recently undergone a series of shockwave treatment with Andrew Storan. I found this treatment extremely beneficial and after a period of rehabilitation expertly managed by Andrew, I have been able to resume my usual active lifestyle. I am very grateful and without this I would be living a life in severe pain.

Amy Leung

I first moved to Physioactive pre-acl surgery because I felt I was not making progress with my previous physiotherapist. My goal was to go back to competitive badminton. Since the move, I’ve never looked back! With the grueling length of rehab following acl surgery, sometimes the only positive thing was knowing I would come out of every session making progress and feeling stronger. Knowing the safe boundaries and being able to push limits is not an easy task and I am so grateful to Andrew at Physioactive for doing this while making every exercise enjoyable!

Madeline Wong

Andrew is a very meticulous physiotherapist. From the questions that he asks me, I know that he genuinely wants to do his job well. This makes me feel very safe as I know that he is not taking any risks with my knee condition.
From day one, Andrew has made me feel very comfortable in his presence. This is important because it would be awful to have to spend 45 mins with him every weekend if I’m not comfortable with him prodding my knee and quads. He is also very encouraging, which is a very vital quality in a physiotherapist as it gives me great motivation to push myself harder at each session and to continue doing the exercises that he has recommended during the week.

I would certainly recommend Andrew to my friends if they need to see a physiotherapist.

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