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Denis Mecklenburg B.Sc.

Director, Physiotherapist, Sports Therapist, Golf Therapist, Occupational Health Therapist
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About Denis

Denis, originally from Germany, graduated in the Netherlands with a bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy. Before he came to Singapore in 2008, he worked in one of the biggest sports- and rehabilitation clinics in Switzerland. There, he took care of several regional and national sports teams, seeing many shoulder- and knee injuries.

Denis is a leading expert in shoulder injuries and sports-related shoulder rehabilitation. With over 17 years of unique experience and more than 1,000 treated shoulders, Denis can help you with effective therapeutic methods to regain your function in daily life and sports.

Denis’ other passion lies in the treatment of all different kinds of knee injuries, ranging from sports injuries, to wear and tear conditions like osteoarthritis and post-surgical rehabilitation.

Denis is also a certified PGA Golf Physiotherapist with extensive knowledge in the treatment of Golf-related injuries and golf-specific biomechanics.

In his spare time, Denis likes to play tennis and football. Besides his sports activities, he enjoys spending time with his family and loves to travel.

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Steffen Büchs

I reached out to PhysioActive after suffering from a slipped disc in the lower back. Due to time constraints from my side, I had the opportunity to get help from 4 different physiotherapists at PhysioActive. All had a high level of knowledge and really took the time to investigate and prepare the treatment according to my needs. They taught me how to train the right muscles of my body and even more important to sharpen body awareness and how to avoid wrong movements. After 3 months of treatment, I was free of pain and after 5 months of treatment I am glad to say, I am almost back to normal. All without surgery or injections. Special thanks to Liam, Anthony, Denis and Diana.

Sriram R

PhysioActive was recommended to me by my doctor when I came in with a bad lower back injury.

My first session was with Denis Mecklenburg. He did a precise analysis of the problem by asking questions and observing my movements, range of motion, and pain points. He then treated me and gave me a set of exercises to do for a week. I could see improvements every day as the pain reduced and my range of motion started increasing.

Subsequent sessions were with Anthony Corr. Anthony too was very precise and professional in analysing my current condition and improvements over the past week, identifying the exact location of the main problem to the inflammation of specific vertebrae in the lower back and treating it with massage and ultrasound. He built on the improvement by introducing new movements and increasing the intensity of the exercises for home.

During our sessions, both Denis and Anthony took the time and effort to determine the exact nature of the problem, to explain it to me using a model of the skeletal system, and to walk me through the treatment step by step with explanations that helped me understand it clearly.

My strength gradually improved over the course of a month, and the pain was gone. However, I took this as a wake-up call to prioritise my health and to not take it for granted. During this healing, I started on a disciplined exercise regimen with daily workouts. I am healthier and stronger than I was a few months ago, I lost 4 kgs and an inch off my waist, my posture has improved, I look and feel better and am free from back pain.


Due to a hiking accident I had multiple fractures of my shoulder and arm. Following a complicated surgery, I needed to learn again moving my arm and shoulder as well as to build up muscles. Denis is helping me in an excellent way and I make good progress in this lengthy and painful process. The treatment is extremely professional and personalised. Therefore, I can highly recommend Denis and PhysioActive to anyone seeking help.

Pauline Ong

I had medial meniscus tear with osteoarthritis 4 months ago. The doctor suggested surgery but I wanted to try the non-surgical methods first. I was thus introduced to Denis Mecklenburg. I am very impressed by his knowledge as every question asked was answered instantly and in-depth with clarity on the treatment available

I have undergone treatment with ultrasound and shockwave therapy, as well as incorporated exercises to strengthen my core muscles, quadriceps and hamstring and not forgetting functional exercises. I am now almost 100% pain- free. Thank u so much Denis! Appreciate it a lot as I can now walk confidently without aids! Kudos to the receptionists too for always having a smile. It really brightens my days whenever I walk in your clinic.

Navya Singh

Before coming to PhysioActive I had been struggling with chronic Achilles tendinitis for 4 months. Being a dancer, this was especially devastating as being away from training was really difficult. Out of those 4 months, I had been at another physio place for about 3 months but they couldn't seem to help me. They even went as far as giving shockwave therapy which was immensely painful. Finally, I decided to go back to the doctor and was transferred to PhysioActive. I had my doubts about Denis and thought "Psh, what can a person do to help when they haven't even seen what my ankle has been through for the past 4 months" but I was wrong. Denis asked me several questions about the type of pain, how it started and what my previous physio place did. What he did differently was that he always put how my injury was responding and how I felt above how I should be progressing. He explained to me that the mistake in the previous treatment was that they were moving me onto strengthening too quickly when I should be focusing on very gentle stretching first. Now, just 2 months under his treatment, I'm almost pain-free and should be returning to the dance studio soon. I'm beyond happy and thankful towards Denis and PhysioActive and recommend them for sure 🙂

Mabel Chung

After my shoulder surgery in 2017 August, I requested through my orthopaedic specialist for a physio centre who could help me rehabilitate to playing golf in 6 months. Working through my recovery with Denis Mecklenburg has been an eye-opener! He walks you through every detail from day one and works hands-on tirelessly for every session (and without equipment unless absolutely necessary). I’ve undergone treatment with many physio centres in the past year but PhysioActive is the one that truly delivers the term: PATIENT CARE.

Kudos to Denis and his team!

Lasse Lindstrom

I enjoy running a lot but had to stop my favourite hobby due to an injury with my meniscus. I was already considering a knee operation but thanks to the fantastic and very professional help of Denis and Brigitte, I was able to get back on the running track. It is amazing what can be done under the guidance of a skilled physiotherapist.

Kenneth Chua

I've been working with Denis for the past few months on my shoulder tear. I appreciate very much the frank assessments on my condition and the structured approach to my physiotherapy program. There's a long road ahead to healing my shoulder but am confident that I'll get there.

Joerg Kuehn

I visited PhysioActive because of knee problems, which were holding me back from playing football for several months. I absolutely loved the clear diagnosis and explanation provided by Denis, as it helped me to understand how I could contribute myself to ensure the pain reduces. Denis helped me to develop a dedicated muscle training program, based on which I was able to go back to play football regularly only a few weeks after I had visited PhysioActive.

Thanks for your help, Denis!

Anja Dierssen

Denis Mecklenburg and the entire team at PhysioActive are very friendly. Denis has a pleasant disposition and is a professional physiotherapist who takes time to explain the nature of my condition, treatment plan and prognosis. My questions were always answered in a very understanding and empathetic manner.

I particularly appreciate Denis’ flexibility to take time and offer to look at the other problems that I have.

I can feel great improvement after a short time with Denis. I am in very good hands at PhysioActive and can strongly recommend this clinic.

Mike Dorris

PhysioActive (Denis Mecklenburg) came highly recommended to me by a trusted friend after I had tweaked a disk in my lower back and was in some pain. The doctor gave me meds and sent me to an orthopedist who told me what I had done and recommended physical therapy to enhance my core strength, as my problem was not serious but would recur if I didn't take better care of myself. I don't like pain much, so decided to take the advice, not knowing what to expect.

By the time I went to PhysioActive the pain was gone, but Denis asked great questions, manipulated my back a little bit, and instantly new what was right for me and how I could develop the core strength I needed, as well as the stretching I needed, on a basis and at a pace that was exactly right for me: slow but sure --- not competitive body building, but gradual do-able steps which I would actually do at home and not blow off because it was too hard or because I already forgot what I was taught (two major reasons why exercise hasn't continued with me in the past).

I highly recommend PhysioActive for anyone seeking to improve their health. Do not wait until you hurt yourself and it is too late!

C.T. Seah

I had a shoulder injury for many years and even surgery didn’t seem to help. I was recommended to Denis for physiotherapy treatment and within 3 months, he solved my problem completely. His diagnosis was spot-on and his treatment was highly effective. Denis is an extremely competent physiotherapist and I have no hesitation in recommending him to my colleagues and friends. They, too, have benefited immensely from his treatment.

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