Edward Lyons

I have taken 10 sessions of Sports massage with Ms Wan Ling at PhysioActive Camden Medical centre. I would like to express my great experience with her service. A therapist that has been exceptionally skillful and professional in carrying out her work. She starts her session punctually and demonstrates productive time-management. I always feel welcomed at the start of every session, often greeted with attentiveness and good-natured cheerfulness.

Wan Ling is polite, efficient, knowledgable and swift in carrying out her work. She would concentrate fully in her tasks and command a skillful set of hands! I have attended various Sport Massages in Ireland and London prior to coming to PhysioActive, I am glad I have met the best therapist in Wan Ling of Singapore! I am totally impressed of how adept and experienced Wan Ling is and I have benefited greatly from my sessions with her. I certainly wished I have met her earlier!

I have to end my sessions with my return to the UK for work. I sincerely wish to thank Ms Wan Ling for her hard work in helping me on my knee replacement’s recovery journey. I am very grateful for her support and encouraging words. PhysioActive Camden is certainly very lucky to have her. She is a gem! 

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