Jeremy Seng

Overall experience with PhysioActive has been pleasant. I suffered from a Ruptured ACL and torn meniscus. They have a very meticulous and structured approach for pre and post op recovery. There are tests to be taken to ensure you are able to clear and advance to the next stage. I'm particularly impressed with thisĀ  professional approach, including implementing relevant exercises to improve my strength, balance and muscle toning step by step.
I'm also impressed that during this Covid-19 situation, they were able to facilitate physio sessions virtually through video conference platform. They also have an App which my physiotherapist will prepare an exercise plan for me to follow and track my progress. Including helpful demonstration videos if I'm not sure. Chun Kiat has been very professional and helpful throughout my recovery process. He is also able to push me physically without compromising form or overloading on my knee, which has certainly aided my recovery.