Ritzky Widjaja

I completely tore my ACL and meniscus, but I ultimately decided to forgo surgery. The doctor referred me to PhysioActive, suggesting that physiotherapy is a suitable alternative to surgery. I worked with Breifne for two months to get me back into shape to be able to travel Europe for summer holidays, and I was extremely satisfied with the service. Breifne tailored my physiotherapy program to my timeline, and made adjustments on the go as my recovery went along better than expected. She didn't provide me cookie-cutter exercises, but rather specific exercises that would allow me to get on with day-to-day life. Even after I left for vacation, Breifne provided me an ACL Rehab program that I could follow even during vacation. Currently, my knee feels perfectly fine given a lack of surgery - I can run, dance, and do pretty much anything less sports. Special thanks to Breifne and the PhysioActive team.