Zhe Tao

When I was first referred to Jia Zhi from my specialist, my ankle had a second grade ligament tear. This injury arose from one of my BMT trainings where I had a sprain. I never had a sprain before and was worried that I might become out of course. I was walking with a limp and felt constant pain at my heel throughout the day. I sought to use ankle braces but could not find appropriate ways to use them optimally. After my consultations with Jia Zhi, she shared with me ways on using them to reduce my pain. They helped me carry out daily activities with ease. Furthermore, she challenged me weekly to wean off the brace as my ankle grew stronger after performing the mini exercises she taught me each week. They helped me strengthen, stretch and rehabilitate my ankle till it was strong enough to perform exercises without feeling pain. She also educated me on ways to tape up my ankle. I am extremely thankful for Jia Zhi's support throughout my recovery process as I felt the pain in my ankle subside throughout a short span of 6 weeks. I was able to complete the activities in BMT without fear of becoming out of course. After my confidence in resuming training grew, I performed my trainings with the best of my ability and managed to gain back my physical fitness. Not only did she built the confidence in me to continue strengthening my ankle after my recovery, she also extended her knowledge of exercising safely and optimally. I highly recommend her as your go-to physiotherapist especially for people with first-time injuries!