Manuel Flores

Begin of 2013 I was diagnosed with a partial thickness rotator cuff tear and subacromial inpingement syndrom. As a consequence I underwent surgery of my right shoulder. As physiotherapy plays a key role after the procedure and during the recovery phase, the company Physioactive Pte. Ltd. was recommended to me by my surgeon.

Over the course of four months of treatment I got acquainted of the thorough and professional manners of the Physioactive team. The treatment received and the recommended exercises at home plus follow ups were exemplary and I have no doubt that this regime significantly aided in my full and complete recovery.

Having said that, the physiotherapy treatment does not go alone, it needs to be accompanied by constancy and discipline when doing the exercises at home or else. I greatly appreciate that Denis was quite straight forward on making me understand this approach, not only showing a firm, while gently, attitude but as well encouraging me to take control of my own recovery. Many thanks for this, I really appreciate it.