Mike Dorris

PhysioActive (Denis Mecklenburg) came highly recommended to me by a trusted friend after I had tweaked a disk in my lower back and was in some pain. The doctor gave me meds and sent me to an orthopedist who told me what I had done and recommended physical therapy to enhance my core strength, as my problem was not serious but would recur if I didn't take better care of myself. I don't like pain much, so decided to take the advice, not knowing what to expect.

By the time I went to PhysioActive the pain was gone, but Denis asked great questions, manipulated my back a little bit, and instantly new what was right for me and how I could develop the core strength I needed, as well as the stretching I needed, on a basis and at a pace that was exactly right for me: slow but sure --- not competitive body building, but gradual do-able steps which I would actually do at home and not blow off because it was too hard or because I already forgot what I was taught (two major reasons why exercise hasn't continued with me in the past).

I highly recommend PhysioActive for anyone seeking to improve their health. Do not wait until you hurt yourself and it is too late!