Navya Singh

Before coming to PhysioActive I had been struggling with chronic Achilles tendinitis for 4 months. Being a dancer, this was especially devastating as being away from training was really difficult. Out of those 4 months, I had been at another physio place for about 3 months but they couldn't seem to help me. They even went as far as giving shockwave therapy which was immensely painful. Finally, I decided to go back to the doctor and was transferred to PhysioActive. I had my doubts about Denis and thought "Psh, what can a person do to help when they haven't even seen what my ankle has been through for the past 4 months" but I was wrong. Denis asked me several questions about the type of pain, how it started and what my previous physio place did. What he did differently was that he always put how my injury was responding and how I felt above how I should be progressing. He explained to me that the mistake in the previous treatment was that they were moving me onto strengthening too quickly when I should be focusing on very gentle stretching first. Now, just 2 months under his treatment, I'm almost pain-free and should be returning to the dance studio soon. I'm beyond happy and thankful towards Denis and PhysioActive and recommend them for sure 🙂