Ronald Tan

Thank you for your professional discernment and diligence that led to the rapid restoration to full functionality and flexibility of my otherwise badly "frozen" shoulder. If not for your precise and effective therapy, I would have needed surgery!

On my last visit to Denis on 10 August 2010, the words you said "Ronald, there is no need for you to come anymore" sounded like the most soothing music to my ears! I remember I started my first session with him only as recent as April 2010 on the recommendation of a colleague who was also successfully treated by him. This was after I was not making any progress under another physiotherapist. My quality of life was dismal as I experienced excruciating pain.

Denis exercised great professionalism by firstly very carefully ascertaining exactly the cause and extent of my problem. And what I appreciated greatly was that he took pains to explain to me clearly in simple language and with the aid of the models. He then also gave me an idea of how he would go about treating my condition, the expected time to recovery and most importantly, getting myself to be responsible in doing the therapy exercises at home in partnership with him. Denis leaves no doubt in his patient that he knows what he is doing and that gave a great sense of comfort and assurance to the patient that he is in good hands. I could already feel the change for the better after the 2nd session and that motivated me to persevere with the therapy both with him and on my own.

Thank you Denis for helping me regain my quality of life. I commend you for your superior professionalism, thoroughness, care and attentiveness to the patient and his condition.