Sriram R

PhysioActive was recommended to me by my doctor when I came in with a bad lower back injury.

My first session was with Denis Mecklenburg. He did a precise analysis of the problem by asking questions and observing my movements, range of motion, and pain points. He then treated me and gave me a set of exercises to do for a week. I could see improvements every day as the pain reduced and my range of motion started increasing.

Subsequent sessions were with Anthony Corr. Anthony too was very precise and professional in analysing my current condition and improvements over the past week, identifying the exact location of the main problem to the inflammation of specific vertebrae in the lower back and treating it with massage and ultrasound. He built on the improvement by introducing new movements and increasing the intensity of the exercises for home.

During our sessions, both Denis and Anthony took the time and effort to determine the exact nature of the problem, to explain it to me using a model of the skeletal system, and to walk me through the treatment step by step with explanations that helped me understand it clearly.

My strength gradually improved over the course of a month, and the pain was gone. However, I took this as a wake-up call to prioritise my health and to not take it for granted. During this healing, I started on a disciplined exercise regimen with daily workouts. I am healthier and stronger than I was a few months ago, I lost 4 kgs and an inch off my waist, my posture has improved, I look and feel better and am free from back pain.