Young Lim

I had surgery last September to reattach my torn bicep tendon and repair frayed tendons around my right shoulder as well as to remove bone spur on my right shoulder rotator cuff. Since then I had been undergoing physio at PhysioActive at Camden Med Center. I just completed about 6 months of shoulder rehab. Thanks to the PT who took care of me, Liam Mc Ginley, My right shoulder is stronger than my left and as limber and flexible. I am in my sixties and love mountain biking, golf, swimming, offshore fishing and working out in the gym. So, getting my right shoulder RIGHT is a BIG deal for me. The gradual strengthening and stretching over the 6 months has given new life to my shoulder and my love for outdoor activities. Thank you Liam and the friendly folks at the Camden branch. I owe you a debt of gratitude. Thank you.