Why regular physio check-ups are an essential for remote and hybrid teams

May 13, 2022
Physio check-ups

It might be bizarre to hear that musculoskeletal conditions like neck and back pain are one of the top expenses associated with employee health care. But reports by organizations like OSHA (Organizational Safety and Health Administration) in the UK and NHS in the UK confirm that it is. According to OSHA, in USA these conditions account for over a third of the employee healthcare benefits. Likewise in UK, back pain accounts for 40% of sick leaves of employees. 

To mitigate the expenses associated with these conditions it is important for employers to invest in employee wellness programs like regular physio check-ups, yoga, etc. These wellness programs not only enhance employee health but also their overall experience with the organization. Employees feel more engaged, relaxed, and committed to the organization. 

However, physio check-ups are not the most popular wellness activity. The impact of Physio programs is often underestimated and considered as nominal. If regularly conducted Physio check-ups help in preventing chronic pain, stress, and improves overall strength. Other benefits of Physiotherapy include improved sleep, mobility, and mental health. It can reduce costs related to musculoskeletal conditions significantly while also helping employees feel better. 

Physio check-ups are also more essential today than ever as corporate world has evolved into remote and hybrid teams. With employees also reporting that work life balance has been blurred in the world of remote work, activities like Physiotherapy are much needed. 

In remote work, employees are more prone to chronic pains because there is less movement and interactions. Likewise, for hybrid teams Physio activities help in establishing a positive connect with their employers while working from offices. 

Organizing activities like Physio and health check-ups in a post pandemic world also improves trust and empathy among employees. As the pandemic has proven that employee health and wellness are of utmost importance, employees are no longer interested in organizations where empathy and employee wellness are not prioritized. Surveys have also indicated that employees are looking to move towards roles that are more flexible, ensure holistic wellness, and a better work-life balance are preferred over those that do not. 

Remote and hybrid teams also suffer from poor mental health because of less interpersonal interactions. They tend to develop conditions like anxiety, stress, and loneliness. Physiotherapy also aids in improving mental health. When the body is relaxed and stress free, individuals feel more empowered mentally too. The potence of Physio in treating mental health is not widely known. This can be pivotal to remote and hybrid teams and in helping them adapt in a post-pandemic world. It can also be a great team bonding activity. Physio when combined with Yoga sessions can be a highly engaging and motivating retreat for remote teams. When teams are engaged and relaxed, they also communicate and collaborate better. 

To conclude, regular wellness activities like physio and yoga are an investment into the overall employee experience and organizational culture. Regardless of whether your employees are coming back to offices or have evolved into remote teams, wellness activities establish a connect between your teams and the organization. 

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